January 13th, 2008

blair waldorf

Icons and a meme

I was tagged by magicprophecy (thanks for taging me btw, finally made me get my ass into gear and post!)

The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

01. My new boots!
02. Pushing Daisies - at the recommendation of several people, I've downloaded the first five episodes and seen the first three so far - it is adorable!
03. Torchwood Season 2 starting on Wednesday!
04. Watching the Devil Wears Prada the other night
05. Looking forward to a nice bath tonight with lots of smellies :)
06. The fact that I've managed to keep up with [Bad username: embodiment> 07. The fact that I&apos;m posting here for the first time in ages 08. Listening to the new Killers album - pure PERFECTION, I tell you 09. Seeing an ad for Supernatual on ITV! And it had Bobby on it! (Even if, you know, I&apos;ve already seen all the episodes that have been aired, I&apos;ll still have to watch them on TV) 10. NYLON magazine And now I tag: <lj user=], so_severus, mallyfever, uberneon, threeyespei, pink_1lady and that's it. I don't really have 10 people to tag, lol.

And, without further ado, 12 Keira Knightley icons. (Yes, I never do big batches)

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