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Icons and a meme

I was tagged by magicprophecy (thanks for taging me btw, finally made me get my ass into gear and post!)

The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

01. My new boots!
02. Pushing Daisies - at the recommendation of several people, I've downloaded the first five episodes and seen the first three so far - it is adorable!
03. Torchwood Season 2 starting on Wednesday!
04. Watching the Devil Wears Prada the other night
05. Looking forward to a nice bath tonight with lots of smellies :)
06. The fact that I've managed to keep up with [Bad username: embodiment> 07. The fact that I&apos;m posting here for the first time in ages 08. Listening to the new Killers album - pure PERFECTION, I tell you 09. Seeing an ad for Supernatual on ITV! And it had Bobby on it! (Even if, you know, I&apos;ve already seen all the episodes that have been aired, I&apos;ll still have to watch them on TV) 10. NYLON magazine And now I tag: <lj user=], so_severus, mallyfever, uberneon, threeyespei, pink_1lady and that's it. I don't really have 10 people to tag, lol.

And, without further ado, 12 Keira Knightley icons. (Yes, I never do big batches)

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Merry Christmas f-list!

Merry Christmas for tomorrow to everybody who celebrates it!
There are gifts for two very special people under the cut, threeeyespei and magicprophecy, for being two very kind, talented and generous people. And if you two ladies don't happen to celebrate Christmas, I hope you'll accept these as simply a gesture of my appreciation for bringing such wonderful work to our screens so often.

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Yeah, call me a massive kid but I am so excited for tomorrow!

16 Gossip Girl cast icons

Last night I watchd Robin Hood (and the Chldren in Need special on Friday omg so cute!), Music and Lyrics which was awesome - I LOVE Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, and 1X03 and 1X04 of Gossip Girl (yeah, OK, I am behind with the times!) Anyway, 1X03 made me cry, at the end when Blair read Serena the letter, that coupled with the fact that I'd just been listening to Run by Snow Patrol had me bawling, and I don't know why. Lol.

Anyway, I have icons. Just 16, alas.

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What is wrong with me? Why do I do it?

Ugh, there is just something about me and public transport. I don't mind standing up on buses but seriously, some people just get me so riled up!
So I was standing, talking to my friend on the bus home from school and there was a girl stood behing me who just kept banging in to me purposefully, so I was just like WTF? but decided to ignore her.
And then she and the girl behind her started talking about one of my friends, so I just sort of turned round and glared at them. One of the girls said (and I quote)
"You're rate not happy, are you?" I was like, just piss off and speak proper English, but managed to ignore them still.
So then the girl who had been banging into me started asking if I was in her year (I am), and then this other girl who is about 5 (I exaggerate; she's 12) came out of NOWHERE and said
"Oh yeah, she goes to my dancing. She doesn't try."
I wish I could say that I was really eloquent and mature in my response, but that would be a lie. So I just turned round and said
"I went to your dancing. Get it right, love. And the reason I don't try is the little pricks like you, running around with your heads stuck up your arses, being completely incompetent at French and therefore not knowing what the hell you are attempting to do with your feet. That is also partially why I left."

OK so the only bit I actually said was "I went to your dancing. Get it right, love." But I really felt like saying the rest.

So, when I was trying to get off at my stop I had to go past the sniggering lot of idiots, and accidentally stood on one girl's foot. Yes, despite how much I wanted to punch them all, it was genuinely an accident. So when she began to protest, most loudly and obnoxiously, i turned to her and said
"Sorry, love, but this is a crowded bus. DEAL WITH IT!"

I don't know what's wrong with me. Firstly, I was being so aggressive, and secondly, I used the word "love" twice in about a minute. I NEVER, in verbal speech, use the word "love" (in that context). Ever.

Must be that time of the month.

Oh yes, and on a lighter note, Happy Birthday, maree_xstar! Hope you have a better day than I did.
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Icons & banners

-24 Supernatural
-9 Models

-1 Maggie Grace
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-1 Doctor Who
-2 Simon Pegg (Run, Fatboy, Run & Hot Fuzz)
-3 Harry Potter
-5 Random models
-5 Supernatural/ Jared & Jensen

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Mood theme testing

New mood theme! (If it works). It's all animated and pretty yay. :D
Yay for SPN! But boo for not being able to watch it. :(

ALSO: Is the LJ email comment notification thingy not working for anyone else? Because mine's playing up, and I do get the occasional comment (believe it or not).

Resources Post

This has been a long time coming. Please, if you see something I've used and not credited, and you know/ are the creator, please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve!

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Shameless LIMS promotions to get more skips. Hehe.

There we go. :)

Also, must say this.
Prison Break great. Ugly Betty great. Robin Hood great.
Supernatural PROBABLY great, but I wouldn't know as I won't get Season 3 til February. *sigh* I see all these icon post with icons from S3 episodes, but I don't want to look in case I get spoiled. I already know there's a girl called Ruby who may or may not be evil, but that's it. And they've even stopped the Season 2 reruns on ITV! So I'm bidding on the Season 1 boxset on eBay, but I'll get outbid. I always do. How embetant, as le French say.